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How Google Ads Help Us For Grow Your Business?

  • By Acme_Team
  • October 29, 2018
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Before we get too far down the rabbit hole of all that Google’s advertising platform has to offer, let’s start with the basics: one quick and easy step that not only makes it easy to start advertising on Google but also immediately improves how your business performs throughout Google search network.

Using Google My Businessyou can update your business’s location, hours of operation, contact information, website and social media links, and even add a logo and photos. Setting up your account takes only a few minutes—just go to the Google My Business homepage and click “Start Here” to follow the steps.

Best of all? This service is totally free!

Not sure if you’ve already set up Google My Business? Take a moment to run a quick Google search for your business name. You’ll know you’re already set with a Google My Business listing if a box comes up on the right-hand side of the search results page with your business’s name, location, and contact information. Even if this step is already complete, it’s a good idea to check that the information is up to date and see if you have any customer reviews.

Look at that! You’ve already got a jumpstart on improving your business’s presence in Google search results. Now it’s time to put on your thinking cap, because mastering how to advertise on Google and grow your small business is a bit like entering a foreign country and learning a brand-new language!

Get to Know Google’s AdWords Platform

The next step on how to advertise on Google is pretty essential: Get to know what Google’s Adwords platform looks like.

Google AdWords is effectively home base for any and all of the avenues you can use to advertise your business on Google. Through the AdWords management system, advertisers bid on certain keywords to have their clickable ads appear in relevant Google search results, as well as YouTube videos and display ads within Google’s massive network.

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